We Do Not Support the Aryan Nationalist Alliance

1. Loyal White Knights
2. National Socialist Movement
3. Aryan Nations ( Website Link )
4. Texas Rebel Knights
5. America First Committee (Art Jones)
6. Racial Nationalist Party of America
7. SS Action Group
8. Phinias Priesthood
9. Aryan Strikeforce
11. Pacific Coast Knights of the KKK
12. Racial Volunteer Force
13. Great Lakes Knights KKK
14. Werwolf 88
15. Aryan Terror Brigade
16. White Nationalist Front (Canada)
17. Authoritarian Party
18. White Wolves Invictus
19. United Society of Aryan Skinheads – USAS
20. Nordic Order Knights KKK
21. Traditionalist Workers Party
22. White Lives Matter

On paper, this alliance sounds good. Some of the groups on the list are legit pro-white organizations. Others, not so good. Some of these groups are more dangerous than our non-white and ungodly enemies are. This is why the WKJ will not support this alliance.


As Klansmen, we do not support un-American ideas such as Nazism/National Socialism. Nazis hated the European Klan of their day and even murdered some of them. Going back to the 1930’s, groups such as the German American Bund opposed American values. National Socialism does not support the ideas of our forefathers, no matter how hard Neo-Nazis try to spin this lie. We are White Americans first, above all else.


Some of the groups listed are led by criminals and men of low character. I won’t sit here and name, names. Anyone with an IQ over 80 could research this within minutes. As people of good Christian faith, we cannot, and will not, support such unholy behavior. Seeing certain Klan groups in this alliance proves they do not follow the Kloran.


Any member of ours caught supporting this alliance, will be banished. We do not mix with the ungodly. We do not support men and women of low character. Our only alliance is toward Jesus Christ, the white race and our nation. We stand in unity with our fellow Klansmen. Not with those who oppose us.


One thought on “We Do Not Support the Aryan Nationalist Alliance

  1. KIGY, Very well said sir, and im, AKIA the 2nt era. I believe in and go directly by the kloran, without adding any words to it nor taking away words from it. I hold it dear to my heart along with the KJV Bible. I am for the American people and I am doing my part in all power to secure the exictance of our race and the future for white children. Amen I have a klan heart, and loyal to all my Brothers and Sisters. Amen! God Speed!


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