Jeff Scheop and his NSM exposed



The National Socialist Movement(or NSM) is a small group of Hitler devotees who occasionally gather for rallies/events and protests throughout the year. The National Socialist Movement is currently the largest neo-Nazi group in the country due to the demise of other major neo-Nazi groups in the United States. The NSM has also seen it’s share of membership demise, literally hundreds of fascists had left it’s ranks in the last few years.

The organizations has regularly faced multiple scandal after scandal. One of the most damaging was the recent outing of the NSM’s Chairman, Clifford Herrington as being a full-blown devil worshiper. Herrington and his wife host the JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE which OPENLY promotes having sex with demons, black magic and topics like how to dedicate your soul to Lucifer. This public relations nightmare led to Herrington avoiding all future NSM rallies and Schoep has took his place as the leader. But Jeff is merely the proxy of Chairman Herrington. Like Darth Vader serving his emperor, Schoep is forced to do his masters bidding. Herrington holds the papers of incorporation for the National Socialist Movement.

Even with the regular scandals, the NSM still manages to somehow find demented racists to attend their rallies. The NSM is planning a protest/rally in Washington DC this April 20th(Hitler’s Birthday) and a national meeting followed by a racist Nazi rock show somewhere within the DC metro area.

NSM fascists range from the convicted criminals(Jeff Schoep has a felony for burglary) to Satanists like Ken Kraus, to demented psychopaths like NSM server administrator John Schafer whom is completely void of all morals.

John Schafer is really the key to their little organization. If it wasn’t for his internet skills the NSM would have little or no support. The American Neo-Nazi Moment has gained most of it’s members in the last decade due to primarily one factor: the massive spread of fascist websites and racist propaganda via the internet. The NSM is no different.

All NSM members are required to contribute $10.00 a month in dues to their “commander” Schoep. But the reality is, most members fail to even meet this initial requirement. That’s where NSM Records comes into the picture. Most Neo-Nazis fail to pay their regular dues but will fork out plenty of dough for a new hate Rock CD or a genocidal videogame. Sales from NSM Records provides the funds that keeps the internet hate flowing and the man that runs NSM Records is Server Administrator John Schafer.

John Schafer is a rather twisted fascist that owns his own house and
web hosting/networking business
. John lives just a few miles outside New York City in Berkeley Heights New Jersey. John not only hosts the Main NSM website from the servers inside his house, but he also hosts and maintains the NSM RECORDS website and WWW.NSM88.COM as well as NSM 88 FORUM and NEW SAXON.

John is the Lynch pin in this hate organization and he severely dislikes the publicity. John’s company Schäfer Gerig & Associates has several mainstream clients whom don’t have a clue that they are doing business with a fascist degenerate. Let’s give them all a good lesson about NSM hater and internet Nazi John Schafer!

John has never attended any public NSM neo-Nazi rally primarily because he is terrified that he will be exposed as supporting these Neo-Nazi rejects. John has other NSM Nazi’s on his staff administrating New Saxon and the other websites. Michael Connelly is John’s right hand man.

Hardcore hater Michael Connelly Lives at 26 “J” ST. APT 403 in Schenectady NY . Phone# 518-346-2374. Mike also works on the NSM Nazi web team administrating websites and monitoring the fascist forums. He is in the process of joining the NSM’s SS, a elite core of hate-filled racists who answer only to psychopathic “Commander” Jeff Schoep. Connelly (who sometimes goes by the nickname fat ass) publishes a fascist hate magazine called: “the stormtrooper” that promotes the genocide of all non-whites.

Bit players in the NSM include Cathy Griggs who works on the NSM webteam. Cathy goes by the the web name “odinslass” on the NSM forum. She was once arrested and jailed for bringing a handgun to an NSM rally. Kathy is Jeff Schoep’s secretary and spends her time answering emails for the organization that the professional hater Jeffie can’t find the time answer himself. During the NSM’s rally at the state capital of South Carolinia Cathy spoke to the crowd gathered. Right after she took the microphone some in the crowd yelled: “Hey look it’s a lesbian!” It wasn’t the first time cathy’s sexual orientation was questioned. Cathy says she has a husband, but no one in the NSM has ever talked to or met the “lucky” man.

Richard and Jill Brunson are two rather nasty turds floating in the NSM cesspool. Jill is the NSM woman’s director, but their are very few members. Most women who try to join the NSM are “hit on” by an average of 20-30 racist guys according to one former female member. Men severely outnumber the women in this hate group, and will often do the most stupidest of things in an attempt to win the affections of a Racist lady. Richard and Jill live at: 15601 E Jamison Dr, Englewood CO, 80112. Jill’s phone cell number is: 505-429-7894 Richard’s is 505-439-7895. Richard was the leader of the SS, Jeff Schoep’s bodyguard squad, until he resigned because his criminal record was exposed.

Other Bit Players include the extremely obese Ken Krous. This rather large Nazi-devil-boy, has spoken his hate at various fascist rallies and gatherings across the country. Ken is a hardcore Satanist who follows Chairman Herrington’s Joy of Satan religious cult.

The above information was gathered from interviews with former NSM members and internet research. More





Protest Jeff Schoep and his fake Nazis in Pikeville, KY 4-29-17

Jeff Schoep is a longtime criminal, deadbeat dad and welfare collector. I was contacted by my Grand Dragon of Kentucky about his upcoming rally in Pikeville. The White Knights of Justice will counter Jeff and his group of homosexual drug addicts.

I am waiting on a phone call back from the Kentucky State Police, as we have let them aware of our presence in Pikeville also. Not only we will protest against Schoep and fake wannabe Nazis, we plan on bringing water and bag lunches for the other protesters.

We will not be in our robes, as our goal is not to scare or promote the Klan on April 29. We simply want Schoep and his losers to know they aren’t welcome in a county of poor hardworking white people, as Schoep is jobless and knows nothing about hard work. He is a disgrace to white people and the pro-white cause.

Nobody should be in fear. Schoep and his band of nitwits aren’t going to cause violence, as their numbers are tiny. Most of his members are cowards who will simply hide behind the police. I can promise they won’t bother us. We will send Schoep back to his section 8 slums.

Brent Waller – fake KKK leader slanders us


Last night a close friend and longtime Klan brother called me. He informed me that FBI plant and false Klansmen Brent Waller was running his mouth about my White Knights of Justice and myself. Can’t say I am shocked. He sent me numerous e-emails late last year trying to convince me to join forces with him and his less than 12 other fake Klansmen. I kindly rejected his laughable offer.

Don’t take my words on Waller. Watch a few of his interviews. The man can hardly speak without stuttering. He is the “Klansmen” we see on a trashy TV show such as Jerry Springer. I had never even heard of this clown until last year. None of my longtime Klan brothers had either.

The few people who do know him can’t stand him. The Ku Klos Knights think of him as a joke. As do the United Northern and Southern Klans. A nearby member of the Knights Party has told me Waller is a wimp and drunk that’s known to beat women. I find that very easy to believe.

Waller is a dress up Klan-boy. He believes he can be the next Sam Bowers. Difference? Bowers was an excellent public speaker and could organize. Waller sounds like Porky Pig and can’t muster more than 3-4 Klansmen together at a time. Saying Waller and Bowers in the same sentence is like basically spitting on Bowers’ grave.


Frank Ancona – Jewish Klansmen murdered by Satanic worshipping wife (lol)

Read entire article –

A Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader might have been shot in his sleep because he had told his wife he wanted a divorce, St. Francois County Prosecutor Jarrod Mahurin said Monday after filing murder charges.

“It may have been a marital issue,” he told a reporter. He said Frank Ancona, 51, was shot in the head between 2 and 3 a.m. on Thursday.

Malissa Ann Ancona, 44, of Leadwood, Mo., and her son, Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr., 24, of Belgrade, Mo., were charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse.

Jinkerson shot his sleeping stepfather in the bedroom of the victim’s home in Leadwood, sheriff’s Detective Matt Wampler wrote in an affidavit accompanying the charges. Ancona’s body was taken in Jinkerson’s vehicle to an area outside Belgrade, where it was dumped near the Big River, Wampler wrote.

Ancona called himself an imperial wizard with the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

A website for that group features an image of Ancona in a white hood and robe standing in front of a burning cross. His wife is shown next to him in another photo