Protest Jeff Schoep and his fake Nazis in Pikeville, KY 4-29-17

Jeff Schoep is a longtime criminal, deadbeat dad and welfare collector. I was contacted by my Grand Dragon of Kentucky about his upcoming rally in Pikeville. The White Knights of Justice will counter Jeff and his group of homosexual drug addicts.

I am waiting on a phone call back from the Kentucky State Police, as we have let them aware of our presence in Pikeville also. Not only we will protest against Schoep and fake wannabe Nazis, we plan on bringing water and bag lunches for the other protesters.

We will not be in our robes, as our goal is not to scare or promote the Klan on April 29. We simply want Schoep and his losers to know they aren’t welcome in a county of poor hardworking white people, as Schoep is jobless and knows nothing about hard work. He is a disgrace to white people and the pro-white cause.

Nobody should be in fear. Schoep and his band of nitwits aren’t going to cause violence, as their numbers are tiny. Most of his members are cowards who will simply hide behind the police. I can promise they won’t bother us. We will send Schoep back to his section 8 slums.


3 thoughts on “Protest Jeff Schoep and his fake Nazis in Pikeville, KY 4-29-17

  1. Ha ha ha wear your robes you clown and see how the people react to your BS statements then. You are a sad diminishing group, whose glory days are over in this country as NS days are just beginning. Real Klan groups stand with us. FU


    • Nice your mom allowed you more computer time.

      The real Klan never did support Nazis, as Nazis disbanded the Germany Klan of the 1930’s. Hard for you to understand history.

      As for National Socialism, the NSM is hardly that. The group is made up of the mentally ill, homosexuals and jobless deadbeat parents like Jeff.

      If Hitler came across these fakes, they would have been first in the oven.


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