About us

White Knights of Justice

PO Box 2013

Norwood, OH 45207

The White Knights of Justice, Knights of the Ku Klux (WKJ) is not a mail order Klan. We have very high standards for membership. We follow the Kloran. Every letter of it. Our group is not a social club for misfits or the decay of society. We do not tolerate illegal activity of any sort. Child molesters, drug addicts, abusers of women, alcoholics and deadbeat parents need not apply. Only white native-born Christians may apply for membership.


We do not associate with atheists, pagans or neo-Nazis. Our Klan will also not support Klan groups that do. The Klan was never meant to be associated with Nazism. And it never will be. Any Klan group that follows Nazism is not a real Klan group. Some Klan groups have recently allowed pagans and other forms of non-Christianity membership. We are not one of them. Again, we will never associate with false Klan groups that do.


Our Klan uses Klan-Kraft. We still use titles such as Imperial Wizard, Kludd and so forth. To many these names may sound corny in today’s time. They serve a purpose as they are part of the Klan. We teach degree work. Most Klans have no clue on what the degree work is. They offer membership via your credit card and could care less about educating you as a Klansman. If you aren’t willing to learn, we would rather you pass us up and not waste our time.


While many Klan leaders (and groups) slander each other, we will never partake in gossip and slander. If someone slanders us, we will simply ignore this unethical and unchristian behavior. Our purpose is to serve the white race. We will not engage these childish people in emails, forums or message boards. We will focus on the good no matter what. The Klan is meant to be a serious commitment, not a playground for name calling.