Brent Waller – fake KKK leader slanders us


Last night a close friend and longtime Klan brother called me. He informed me that FBI plant and false Klansmen Brent Waller was running his mouth about my White Knights of Justice and myself. Can’t say I am shocked. He sent me numerous e-emails late last year trying to convince me to join forces with him and his less than 12 other fake Klansmen. I kindly rejected his laughable offer.

Don’t take my words on Waller. Watch a few of his interviews. The man can hardly speak without stuttering. He is the “Klansmen” we see on a trashy TV show such as Jerry Springer. I had never even┬áheard of this clown until last year. None of my longtime Klan brothers had either.

The few people who do know him can’t stand him. The Ku Klos Knights think of him as a joke. As do the United Northern and Southern Klans. A nearby member of the Knights Party has told me Waller is a wimp and drunk that’s known to beat women. I find that very easy to believe.

Waller is a dress up┬áKlan-boy. He believes he can be the next Sam Bowers. Difference? Bowers was an excellent public speaker and could organize. Waller sounds like Porky Pig and can’t muster more than 3-4 Klansmen together at a time. Saying Waller and Bowers in the same sentence is like basically spitting on Bowers’ grave.