Kevin Strom is a child molester

In 2008, Kevin Strom was sentenced to 23 months in prison for having child pornographic pictures on his computer. He was also being looked into for stalking a young girl. Not only was this girl underage, she was Asian. Strom is not only a sexual deviant, he is a race-mixer. One would think this would have been enough to destroy his comeback to our white movement. It wasn’t.


Strom, and a few others are ‘rebranding’ the National Alliance. He managed to find two men almost as mentally unstable as himself. One is David Pringle. An out of shape loser that has odd fetishes for guns. The other is Will Williams, a man who beats women. At least the women he beats are of age. Strom prefers his to be 10-11, and Asian.


Websites such as Stormfront have showcased Strom as a “hero” or “brains” of the movement. Apparently his brains didn’t teach him common sense. Such as never downloading pictures of eight-year-olds on your computer. What has Strom ever done? He is a welfare queen. He has made his living off of white people like you and I. I worked my whole life. Manual labor. Strom spent his time living off of the National Alliance. He used your donations to stalk young girls.


Strom should have gotten 5-10 years in prison. Like a sissy, he took a plea bargain. He admitted he jacks-off to kiddie porn to avoid a longer sentence. The man is a disgrace. He is nothing more than a bum who leeches off of hardworking white patriots. He’s also a sick pervert. Too bad he wasn’t killed while in prison.


If any of our members are caught supporting Strom, they will be banished. No questions asked. We do not tolerate child molesters. We also don’t tolerate welfare queens. Strom is both.