Our stance on Richard Bondira

We have heard by word of mouth that Richard Bondira is having serious health problems. We pray that’s not the case. If so, we pray for his recovery.


Not everyone is a fan of Richard Bondira. I know a lot of good Klansmen who don’t like him. I also know a lot that do. We have used some of his work on this very blog. Mainly because Richard has an awesome collection of Klan items and books. For years, he ran and operated a very educational website which showed the good side of the Klan.


My only knock on Richard is simple. He brags and loves to tell people “how important” he was within the Klan. Richard simply wants to be more than what he really was. He has also ripped off Klansmen with 2nd hand Klorans and Klan knockoffs. This is sad because Richard has done a wonderful job educating people on the Klan. Probably more in the mainstream than most.


With that said, Richard did educate a lot of people on the true Klan. I talked to him back in 2004 or 2005 in great length. He was truly upset on how the History Channel used his material and lied on its portrayal of the Klan. Richard told me if he would have known this, he would have never helped them. While at times he can be a moron, I do believe that Richard’s heart was always in the right place.


Richard Bondira does not represent us. We respect his educational work. While not 100% accurate, it’s much more helpful than the lies taught in schools and the media. Nobody can educate you but yourself. The truth is out there for all to seek.